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Business Office Meeting

"Wolves are the ultimate team players. They know that working together benefits the whole pack."
                 –  Unknown

"One of the highlights of the Cornell University Executive Leadership Development Program was the captivating case study led by Kyle Vowinkel. The interactive nature of the session kept us engaged, and we were able to apply our newfound knowledge in real-time."
      –  Brandi Mauro, PMP

Building Better Teams

Elite Mindsets teaches how to forge high performing teams in environments where people want to work - and there is individual and team accountability. Where building 360 degrees of trust is paramount and finding individuals who put the team before self.

Kyle has worked with the most resilient and highest performing teams in the world – ranging from tier one U.S. military Special Mission Units, to the famed British Special Air Service (SAS), to two unique U.S. national assets – the FBI's elite Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) and the U.S. government’s negotiation arm, the Crisis Negotiation Unit (CNU).

Companies may choose all five Elite Mindset modules over a specific period of time, combine two mindsets for a full day session, or focus on one individual session.

Keynote: (for any size group)

Participants will learn three key traits for elite teams:


  1. High performing units operate with a dynamic, fluid, and resilient leadership structure. During critical incidents, leadership may shift from one entity to another, to be agile and non-linear as needed to complete tasks.

  2. ​The highest performing teams have 360 degrees of trust, and are filled with individuals who put the team’s interest before their own. Successful leaders create a team centered culture based on shared values.

  3. High performing leaders and members have a growth oriented mindset. They continually seek out knowledge and are open to new methods to more efficiently and effectively accomplish a job. Successful business leaders keep employees engaged in creative problem solving to ensure a proper growth oriented mindset.

Interactive Session: (For groups of 5 - 500)

Elite Mindsets interactive experiential learning session is a "Decision Making Exercise" (DME) for building a better team to foster connections and working relationships between disparate elements.

The DME is ideal for emerging and current leaders, as Elite Mindsets will challenge them and place them in a stressful situation - yet in a consequence free learning environment.

Individuals will be inserted as decision makers in a challenging case study. Kyle will share first hand details from the case, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats, as they navigate the volatile situation. Even though their current roles may not be law enforcement, Elite Mindsets leadership lessons are absolutely transferable into the corporate world...leadership is leadership.

​During this interactive session, participants will exercise six key skills:

  • Agile Leadership

  • Team Building

  • Connecting disparate elements

  • Critical Thinking

  • Communicating to their team

  • Growth oriented mindset

Contact us today to discuss Elite Mindset interactive sessions for your team, to elevate their performance to extraordinary levels. 

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