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"Kyle knows how to connect and communicate with people. He honed his skills under the most demanding conditions, skillfully negotiating with kidnappers, pirates, and terrorists"

    – Gary Noesner,

FBI Crisis Negotiation    Unit Chief, retired,          author, Stalling For      Time: My Life as an        FBI Negotiator

Connecting For Success

The Power of Connecting is a Pathway to Influence. This session outlines the distinct steps leaders need to take on their pathway to positively influence others. From derailers to avoid, to genuinely demonstrating empathy and authentically building rapport, to reach the level of influence.


Most every human endeavor requires the cooperation of others to be successful, and it is especially needed for businesses to thrive. Elite Mindsets highlights people centric Empathetic Leadership - to harness the Power of Connecting.

“Man is by nature a social animal”

Research demonstrates employees crave personal engagement, communication, and authentic interactions at work. Studies also show the positive impact from leading with empathy on employee innovation and retention. Today's workforce wants to feel valued and understood. When leaders connect with employees, they are more likely to be engaged and committed, to achieve spectacular achievements.

Companies need leaders, individuals, and HR personnel who can bring people and disparate elements together, as well as leaders who can forge relationships and create a united and highly functioning unit. 

Companies may choose all five Elite Mindset modules over a specific period of time, combine two mindsets for a full day session,or focus on one individual session.

Keynote: (for any size group)

In this unique case study, participants explore critical foundational relationship skills, such as demonstrating empathy, building rapport, active listening, letting go of the ego, and building bridges between entities.

This session highlights connecting and influencing others through persuasive and positive communication methods. The Power of Listening and the Power of Words.

"When you’re cooperative with others, you’re more likely to rise to leadership roles.

Cooperators attract more followers and hence are more likely to become leaders.”

                                                          Chaos: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Nonlinear Science

Interactive Session: (For groups of 5 - 500)

This experiential learning session also includes a Decision Making Exercise (DME) for all participants which challenges them with a problematic and pressure filled situation - yet in a consequence free learning environment. 

​During this extraordinary session, participants will exercise five key skills:

  • Empathetic Leadership

  • Agile decision making

  • Connecting with others

  • Crafting communication strategies

  • Performing calmly in a pressure filled environment

The session is capped off by the incredible true story of how under intense pressure, Kyle connected with a terrorist – and persuaded the Boston Marathon bomber to surrender.

Contact us today to discuss Elite Mindset interactive sessions for your team, to elevate their performance to extraordinary levels. 

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