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"Leaders are not born, they’re made. They are made by hard effort, which is the price all of us must pay to achieve any worthwhile goal

         – Vince Lombardi

“Kyle’s leadership seminar was riveting and incredibly beneficial. He’s an impactful presenter who connects with audiences and translates his unique experiences to private and public sector executives.”

          – Mark Levett, Director               Corporate Security                   L3Harris

Leading Through Volatility

Elite Mindsets prepares leaders for those pivotal moments, when a business storm could be catastrophic, or it could be an opportunity to soar. Just as Eagles fly towards a storm using turbulent winds to soar above the calamity, likewise, leaders need to tackle problems head on with an Adaptive mindset.

Volatility is the norm in today’s business world, with conditions and markets continually fluctuating in unpredictable ways. Leaders are confronted with new complex challenges previously unknown, from disruptive technology to geopolitical unrest to a workforce which expects more input and engagement.

Elite leaders respond by developing creative solutions - demonstrating agility, resilience, and optimism.

Companies may choose all five Elite Mindset modules over a specific period of time, combine two mindsets for a full day session, or focus on one individual session.

Keynote: (for any size group)

Kyle outlines a leadership framework to deal with volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) situations. VUCA scenarios demand critical thinking to identify issues and assess viable courses of action.

Leaders need to be trained to make consequential decisions in the face of uncertainty and risk. They need to be authentic, passionate, and decisive.

Interactive Session: (For groups of 5 - 500)

Elite Mindsets most popular experiential learning session is a leadership "Decision Making Exercise" (DME). The DME is ideal for emerging and current leaders, as Elite Mindsets will challenge them and place them in a stressful situation - yet in a consequence free learning environment.

Individuals will be inserted as decision makers in the middle of one of the FBI’s most challenging operations. Kyle will share first hand details from the case, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats, as they navigate the volatile situation. Even though their current roles may not be law enforcement, Elite Mindsets leadership lessons are absolutely transferable into the corporate world...leadership is leadership.

​During this riveting session, participants will exercise six key skills:

  • Adaptive leadership

  • Critical Thinking

  • Evaluating Risk

  • Demonstrating Sound Judgement

  • Communicating to Their Team

  • Demonstrating Calm in a Pressure Filled Scenario

Contact us today to discuss Elite Mindset interactive sessions for your team, to elevate their performance to extraordinary levels. 

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