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"Kyle persevered and demonstrated true grit on his  path to the highest professional peaks in the world, from US Army Ranger school, to an Operator on the FBI's elite Hostage Rescue Team (HRT), to being a senior leader in the FBI.  

He knows elite mindsets and how to elevate performance levels."

   –  Christopher Whitcomb,           FBI Special Agent, HRT         Operator, and author,             Cold Zero

Persevering To Rise 

Every one of us makes mistakes and life sometimes strikes an unexpected devastating event. One can crumble - or rise up and respond at an elite level. Kyle will inspire audiences with the perseverance mindset he demonstrated after suffering a catastrophic car crash that fractured two neck vertebrae, leaving him numb on the left side of his body. He ate meals through a straw and underwent years of rigorous physical therapy.


In a neck brace, he set an audacious goal of becoming an FBI Special Agent. After entering the FBI, he soared to the highest peaks to become an elite Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) operator. Participants will learn how to prepare for and push oneself over seemingly insurmountable barriers.


How we respond to those instances will dictate our success, our failure, and our happiness. When a calamity hits, one can choose to accept one's circumstances and refuse to be a victim. To embrace the challenge. Allot a brief amount of time for an emotional response, then make the decision to control your emotions. Assess the situation.  Develop potential avenues to overcome or sidestep the obstacles, and triumphantly overcome them.

Companies may choose all five Elite Mindset modules over a specific period of time, combine two mindsets for a full day session, or focus on one individual session.

Keynote: (for any size group)

Participants will hear stunning examples of persevering through difficult circumstances. To view obstacles as opportunities and how to prepare for and push one’s self over seemingly insurmountable barriers to reach one’s apex.

In the U.S. Army, Kyle prepared for months for the Army’s premier leadership training course. His Ranger School class 3-94 had an 81% attrition rate - Kyle and the other 19% of soldiers demonstrated true grit as they graduated straight through the grueling 72 day crucible. He has pushed his mind and body beyond normal limits, and rose to the occasion - when lives hung in the balance.  

Interactive Session: (For groups of 5 - 500)

This interactive experiential learning option includes personal reflection sessions. Participants examine their past life's challenges. What did they do well when responding, and what could they do better? The group will discuss the lessons each one of us can derive from overcoming previous obstacles. Participants form intense bonds as they open up about their personal struggles and eventual successes. They learn about one another while they discuss how to navigate what life throws at them.

Elite Mindsets helps participants to see the value in challenges and how to be mentally prepared when the next one hits - to rise to the occasion!

Contact us today to discuss Elite Mindset interactive sessions for your team, to elevate their performance to extraordinary levels. 

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