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Elite Mindsets elevates your teams to extraordinary performance levels - to achieve spectacular success - at work, at home, and in your community.

We cultivate adaptive, tenacious, and successful mental mindsets based on human centric leadership - to enable C- suite executives, mid-level leaders, and HR professionals to rise to the occasion - to respond at their peak when faced with challenging and evolving situations.

Founder Kyle Vowinkel creatively solved complex problems of national importance when lives were on the line, demonstrating critical thinking and agile decision making. Kyle has first hand experience on the highest performing US government assets, responsible for handling the most volatile situations.

Multiple Fortune 500 companies and prestigious institutions from West Point to Cornell University have utilized these sessions as part of their leadership development programs.

There are five powerful Elite Mindsets sessions which will catapult your corporate leadership team's performance. They introduce mental frameworks which harness the powers of:

    Leading Through Volatility

    Connecting For Success 

    Negotiating Win-Wins

    Building Better Teams 

    Persevering To Rise

Companies have flexibility to choose all five modules to be presented over multiple days, or combine two mindsets for a full day session, or focus on one individual session.

Each Mindset can be a keynote or an experiential learning session with riveting real world decision making exercises (DMEs), specifically tailored to your group.

Elite professionals are not born, they challenge themselves and strive to continuously improve. They learn excellence through training, exercises, and experience. Leaders learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Let's create an unforgettable engagement for your group - To elevate your team to extraordinary performance levels.

Susie Richards, Managing Director, Google

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"Talk with Kyle for 5 minutes, and you'll realize you want him speaking to your team for two hours. Months later people still talked about how great it was."
About Kyle


For over three decades I've been passionate about elevating others, serving this country as a decorated FBI Special Agent, U.S. Army officer, and West Point graduate. I have significant leadership experience being an FBI senior executive in multiple FBI offices.

Fortunate to have delivered presentations to thousands around the globe, and I regularly lecture at Cornell University and West Point. I've been a keynote speaker at numerous Fortune 500 companies, and numerous law enforcement events. 

Working on the highest performing teams I was integral in resolving some of the FBI’s most perilous operations - serving as an Operator on the elite FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT) deploying on hundreds of high-risk missions domestically as well as overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan.

I then made the unique transition to become a Negotiator in the Crisis Negotiation Unit (CNU) where I matched wits and negotiated with kidnappers, pirates, and terrorists. I persuaded the Boston Marathon bomber to peacefully surrender.

I've appeared on TV and podcasts resulting in hundreds of thousands of downloads. My story about a hostage crisis received recognition from Spotify as the Top Episode of the FBI Retired Case File Review in 2023. 

Over the past year, my LinkedIn posts have garnered over 175,000 views.

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